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These Days IT Support is either Break Fix or MSP Based

The "Break Fix" model  versus "Managed Service" model of IT support are vastly different approaches. Read more..............

RMM Graphic - How MSPs work remotely

MSP Support Programs

24/07/2021 12:30 pm Peter Scott

MSP Support Programs

Softrade Digital P/L offer a number of support programs. 

All of these can be customised and tailored to suit your specific IT environment. We can wrap the customised support package in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We also do work on an hourly rate for "Break/Fix" casual customers.

The image above is graphical representation that shows how our remote support works.

An example how cybercriminals exploit MS Office 365 Infrastructure

26/10/2021 8:10 am Peter Scott

Cyberattack example MS Sway

Have you heard of Microsoft Sway? If you haven’t, there’s a good chance your users don’t know about it either.

This article is an extract from Avanan who are specialists in cloud email security. 

That’s why this content creation service is used in Phishing attacks. Attackers can turn Microsoft Sway into most any site they like, causing both Outlook and even the most savvy recipients to trust links.

Why are hackers using Microsoft Sway?

Sway is a web app for creating PowerPoint-like presentations and newsletters. It also serves as an easy point-and-click way to create a landing page that might fool your users.

For these reasons, Microsoft Sway has become a popular place for hackers to host phishing sites to run scams like the one below.

You’ll notice that:

Why are Microsoft Sway attacks so effective?

To convince potential victims to land on the Sway phishing page, hackers send emails with notifications for voicemails or faxes.


In the email above, the same tricks that fool your users also fool Microsoft security:

Indicators of Compromise

Clients targeted in the Microsoft Sway attack received the same message from multiple low-traffic, low-reputation senders. Because the hackers are using multiple senders and domains in this attack, Block Listing them won’t work.

Instead, we’ve seen many clients Block List in their web filters. Unless your organisation actively uses Microsoft Sway, you should consider blocking Sway links.

Using Microsoft Services to Phish Microsoft

Instead of sending potential victims to a compromised website that might be blocked by browsers and Block Lists, the URL in this attack goes to Because the phishing page is hosted on Microsoft, it will always be considered 100% safe.

Microsoft, your users, your desktop antivirus, your browsers, and your DNS filters can’t stop this attack. The attacker is using link analysis and sender reputation checks.

Package Solutions

24/11/2021 2:47 pm Peter Scott

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