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Third Wall™, Is a ConnectWise Automate® tool for reducing the ever-present cybersecurity threat. With Third Wall™, Softrade Digital adds an entirely new dimension for protecting your network and systems every day. Third Wall™ complements the first “two Walls”: a strong firewall and a top-shelf antivirus / antimalware program.

Today, far and away most cybersecurity incidents, from data theft to letting in hackers to introducing viruses, come from your end users themselves. Third Wall™ helps you slam that door shut, while giving Softrade Digital additional capabilities to protect your business' networks and data.

Shut Down Glaring Vulnerabilities 

Dangerous end users with too much privilege.  Unused, often obsolete, protocols.  Unauthorized software.  With Third Wall™, Softrade Digital can lock down, enforce policies and passwords and eliminate many gaping vulnerabilities.


Stop Data Theft - from Outside or Inside

 Over 50% of employees and contractors walk out with unauthorized data.  Too often it is Personally Identifiable Data, Customer Information, Financials or other critical intellectual property. With Third Wall™, you can shut down the most common pathways that data thieves use - saving major headaches!


Audit-Ready Reports - Prove that We Are Protecting

You need reports, for your benefit and to help with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, ISO and other audits.  Third Wall gives them to you - including a Protection Report, a Logon / Logoff Report, and even Dataviews.



When something bad happens, action needs to happen immediately. Third Wall gives Softrade Digital fast-acting tools to prevent damage and spread of malware, and to protect your critical data.  Third Wall can even execute emergency actions automatically for critical situations. 

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