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ThinPointâ„¢ Office in Your Pocket

ThinPoint Virtual Private Desktop (VPD) is a Desktop Virtualization technology. ThinPoint builds multiple individual User Desktops over a single physical hardware and Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Win 10 OS instance. Individual users can access these Desktop concurrently. Compared to current Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies, ThinPoint offers a higher level of software compatibility, density, performance and manageability and a huge infrastructure and cost saving.
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  • Reduce IT TCO - Using Centralized Virtual Desktop reduce IT cost of ownership dramatically.
  • Desktop Consolidation - Consolidate User Desktops inside corporate  Server rooms and Data Center
  • Resource Allocation - Intelligent CPU, memory allocation for each user application.
  • Remote Desktop - Build always-on Remote Desktops accessible from any desk or client connected to the Internet
  • Adaptive Management - Use existing management tools to m anage ThinPoint Virtual Desktop Environment.
  • Green Computing - Using a mix of Thin Client computing and Centralized Desktop solution; reduce your organization carbon footprint by upto 50%  

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ThinPoint VPD couples Server Based Computing and Desktop Virtualization in a unique architecture which is already known to user and tested by administrators reducing the adaptation and learning curves.